Frequently Asked Questions


As it is a consumer test, all products have undergone thorough clinical and dermatological tests and are ready to be sold in the market.

You are therefore assured that the product you get is as safe as purchasing it off the counters yourself.


For the consumer test to be as objective as possible, the manufacturers do not want to influence your opinion with the packaging or brand. At such, test products are given in neutral packaging.

However, you may call us back 6-9 months after the end of your test. We will be able to tell you if the product has been launched in the market.


You will not need to make any purchases as they will be given to you for free.

They will be given to you in their actual size as they will be sold in the market.


As a Syres panelist, you get to try the latest cosmetics and skincare products from established manufacturers. These products have been clinically approved safe for use and the manufacturers would therefore like to know your consumer opinion (such as fragrance, texture and efficiency) of these products that are in their final stage of development.

Besides being able to participate in the development of these products, you are also assured that your comments as a consumer are taken seriously when you participate in our test.

On top of this, you get to try the newest products for free, even before the general population has access to them in the market.

You can enroll directly in the Enrolment Form under the “Enrol with us” tab.

Alternatively, you can send a request for a soft copy of the enrolment form, fill it up and fax it back to us at +65 64911269.

You can also fill out the enrolment form at our office at Ngee Ann City Tower B #23-01. For enquiries, you may call us at (65) 68366332 from Mondays to Fridays during office hours.


Once your enrolment is validated, we will contact you once there is a test that is suitable for you. It is important that you respond rapidly to our calls.

If you fit the criteria that we are searching for, you will be selected for a test and we will explain the conditions of the test to you during the call, as well as when you come to our office to collect your products.


We will only call you when there are suitable products for your skin type and sensitivity. If you meet all the criteria set for the test, we will arrange for you to pick up the product from our office.

Each panelist can only participate in one test at any one time, but you can still continue to participate in our on-going tests for as long as you wish to remain in our panel.

It is necessary for you to follow the instructions of use of the product during the test period, then complete and return a questionnaire provided with all your comments on the product you tried. As your genuine comments are of utmost importance to us, we appreciate all feedback that you may have.

To quit the panel, you just have to give us a call or to send us an email to tell us that you don’t want to participate anymore and we will remove you from our database.

The reference of your tests is a series of number beginning with the letters "SY". You will find it on every questionnaire form as well as the yellow letter collected at the beginning of the test. Kindly let us know the reference of your test when calling us as we can have several test ongoing during the same time.

Once during the study, we may ask you to wear the product for several consecutive hours, without removing it or touching up. During this timing you will have to complete several online questionnaires  in due time. Please pay special attention or set an alarm at the various timings to submit your questionnaires online as there will be a timestamp for your submission and the acceptable grace period is only 15min.